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The one sex secret that will make you flippin’ brilliant

It’s having it.

The University of Maryland performed a study on older rats and discovered that frequent sex led to increased neurological and hippocampal activity in the rodents. New brain cells are formed at an increased rate and the hippocampus helps create and hold on to long-term memory, reports the New York Post.

In studies in Seoul, Korea, sex has been shown to decrease harmful chronic stress levels. Stress can also impair the ability to think clearly and retain thought.

Tracey J. Shors from the Centre for Collaborative Neuroscience at Rutgers University in New Jersey said that although sex is beneficial to cell growth, the cells must be continuously trained to hold onto the benefits.

She said, “You can make new cells with exercise, Prozac and sex. If you do mental training, you’ll keep alive more cells that you produced. And if you do both, now you have the best of both worlds – you’re making more cells and keeping more alive.”

So do your part as true patriots to keep America smart. You know how.

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