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Lena Dunham covers February Vogue [PHOTOS]

Vogue, a fashion and style magazine formerly covered by supermodels and A-list actresses, made the (presumably) conscious decision to put “Girls” creator Lena Dunham on the cover of its February issue.

Lena Dunham1

Dunham covers the fashion bible and is described in the accompanying article as being just like music legend Bob Dylan: “Since Girls launched in 2012, the 27-year-old Dunham has become to comic television roughly what Bob Dylan was to sixties folk: She’s not the first person to wield her form and her subject (middle-class postcollegiate life), but she does it with such unmatched skill, charisma, and vision that she’s now the genre’s uncontested master, the standard other people strive to reach.”

That Dunham, who writes always insufferable and (at times) entertaining babble between a group of twentysomething Brooklyn hipsters, is being compared to Dylan is the most laughable thing that has been printed on paper since someone typed up the script for “White Chicks.” Lena Dunham -by Annie Leibovitz: Vogue

In the interview, Dunham describes why she writes sex scenes in the awkward and usually gross way that she does: “There was a sense that I and many women I knew had been led astray by Hollywood and television depictions of sexuality. Seeing somebody who looks like you having sex on television is a less comfortable experience than seeing somebody who looks like nobody you’ve ever met.”

Isn’t this counterintuitive to the entire point of movies and TV to take you out of your own, depressing reality and focus on someone else’s glamorous one and watch two beautiful people make sex than two real-looking people?

(All photos via Vogue/ Annie Leibovitz)

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