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Sjinkie Knegt gives double middle fingers to Victor An [PHOTO]

Sjinkie Knegt (R) of the Netherlands Sjinkie Knegt (R) of the Netherlands' team gestures next to Victor An (L) of the team of Russia celebrating after Russia won the men's 5000m relay final race of the ISU European Short Track speed skating Championships in Dresden, eastern Germany, on January 19, 2014. Russia won the race ahead of the Netherlands (2nd) and Germany. AFP PHOTO / ROBERT MICHAEL (Photo credit should read ROBERT MICHAEL/AFP/Getty Images)  

After Russian speed-skater Victor An beat the Netherlands’ Sjinkie Knegt during the 5000-meter ISU European Short Track Speed Skating Championship over the weekend, Knegt flipped the double bird at An, which is exactly what you wish you could do to all the people who are just better than you but don’t because you kowtow to societal norms.


And video of the double-bird:

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