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Team USA - Today Show: NBC Team USA - Today Show: NBC  

Team USA Sochi Olympics uniforms revealed [PHOTOS]

The Ralph Lauren-designed Team USA uniforms for the Sochi Olympics were revealed Thursday, and they are pretty ugly. (RELATED: The Olympic uniforms aren’t just made in China: They’re also the most pansy outfits on earth)

Team USA men Team USA womens

The uniforms for the opening ceremony consist of a patchwork woolen cardigan that looks like something your mom wore on ski trips in the eighties mated with the scraps at the Ralph Lauren factory.

The sweaters have stars, stripes, words, numbers and Olympic rings on them, and just to make sure that everyone knows this is the Team USA uniform, there are several American flag patches as well as “U, S and A” patches up and down the arms.

USA Today reports that are 324 additional sweaters available for the layperson to purchase — for just $595!

(All photos via Ralph Lauren Corporation)

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