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Touré hates winter because global warming

As a kid growing up in Indiana, I used to love playing in the snow. Making snow angels, building snowmen, having snowball fights, all that stuff. It was great!

I remember one winter, there was so much snow in our front yard that I burrowed out a cave and sat in there pretending to be an Arctic explorer or whatever. (Or maybe Batman. Could’ve been Batman.) The roads were so bad, my mom and dad and sister and I had to bundle up and walk to the store, dragging along my Radio Flyer wagon to put the groceries in. I’m sure all the grown-ups were miserable, but for me it was an adventure.

Little did I know I was helping to hasten the end of the world.

Right, Touré?

What an utter boob.

(Hat tip: Andrew Johnson at NRO)