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Watch this Michigan State football recruit BODY SLAM a security guard [VIDEO]

YouTube screensho/ cityballers, YouTube screenshot/William allor YouTube screensho/ cityballers, YouTube screenshot/William allor  

Michigan State University’s sports fans are, of course, known for three things: couch burnings, violent student riots after various notable games and more couch burnings.

Obviously, then, fans of the Spartans football team are going to love Jayru Campbell, a prep quarterback who has committed to attend in 2015 Michigan State on a football scholarship.

On Wednesday, Campbell ended up going to jail after he opened a can of pure, unadulterated whoop-ass on a security guard at his school, Cass Technical High School in midtown Detroit.

Specifically, the elite, dual-threat, four-star (out of five) quarterback body-slammed the security guard — hard.

The incident happened in a hallway with lots of people around. Somebody recorded it on a cellphone and uploaded the video on YouTube. The video is below, and it looks pretty damning.

As Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ notes, the security guard slam isn’t the first time Campbell has pulled a vicious stunt. In the playoffs this year, the junior punched a Detroit Catholic Central High player during a post-game handshake. Apparently, Campbell was angry because his team lost.

The move has earned the future Michigan State quarterback a one-game suspension at the beginning of next year.

Thomas Wilcher, the head football coach at Cass Tech, told WXYZ that the quarterback did “get into trouble at school today” but wouldn’t elaborate.


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