An Allen West comeback?

Allen West may have lost his seat in Congress, but the Florida Republican is not done with elected politics.

West told radio host Jesse Lee Peterson Thursday that another Allen West candidacy would likely be coming in 2016.

“I will definitely come back,” said West, who lost his seat in 2012 to now-Congressman Patrick Murphy by fewer than 3,000 votes.

This year, for the midterm elections, West said, he was going to work to help other people get elected, specifically: “more military, minority conservatives.”

“In the 2016 cycle, we’ll look to getting back in and running myself,” he said in the interview, first posted by Right Wing Watch.

West did not specify which office he might run for, but he has expressed interest in several different ones. In October, he told The Hill he would do what he felt would be best for the country — “I don’t know if that means being in the White House, being in the Senate, being in the House, or just being out there helping people that want to carry the right message.”

In September, he told the Tampa Bay Times that if Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ran for president, as he is expected to do, West would “of course” run for his seat.

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