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Greg Abbott responds to Battleground Texas, Wendy Davis’s “secret weapon,” mocking his disability

From last night’s The Kelly File:

Abbott showed a lot more grace about his political enemies mocking his infirmity than I would have. Than I have, actually.

And of course Battleground Texas made a point of noting that the video was edited. See, because when Democrats create videos, they don’t edit them. The images just arrange themselves by magic!

Presumably, they’re trying to imply there’s some sort of context James O’Keefe left out, something that would mitigate those ugly slurs against Abbott’s paraplegia. And just as presumably, they’re not going to tell us what in the world that context might be.

Wendy Davis has condemned these insults. Will she prove she really means it by cutting ties with Battleground Texas?

Just kidding.

P.S. Here’s O’Keefe’s video, in case you missed it.