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King Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog bids farewell under his reign

But his majesty didn’t give us enough time to grieve. Could The Washington Post really have kept this under wraps for two weeks? Whatever the case, it’s true: Today is Ezra Klein‘s last day at the Post and perhaps any legacy media organization ever again in his 29-year-old life.

And today he says goodbye in a farewell post.

“That means this will be the last Wonkbook I write,” he wrote, likely lamenting he had to come up with a new name for his future operation, although we’re kind of liking The Ezra Klein Project.

ezra, collageThere were a lot of thank you’s to those who  have helped him on the blog, some references to how “amazing” they all are, and what a “tremendous pleasure” and “honor” it was for him to be a part of it. “It’s been a tremendous pleasure to write for — and often with — an audience as engaged, knowledgeable, curious, vocal, and brilliant as Wonkblog’s,” he wrote, sparing no humility.

He graciously encouraged readers to keep reading Wonkblog. He also urged them to follow him on Twitter and Facebook. He gave the Post a nice shout-out — never burn bridges Ez! — with this: “They have supported it because it’s in their blood, or at least in their ink. I don’t think there’s anywhere else that Wonkblog could’ve taken root.”

From the bottom of my heart, it’s been a real pleasure to cover everything from Klein’s secret JournoList to again blurring the ethical lines of journalism by briefing a bunch of senior Democratic Senate chiefs of staff the Supercommittee just days before it announced it had failed (as though he were, imagine this, a Democratic activist!) to his pillowy soft lips that often look like they’re wearing lip gloss on TV, to his attempt to look older and wiser with facial hair, and finally, his love of fresh figs. Best of luck Ezzy!