UMich meets demands of black students who threatened ‘physical action’

Another campus group, however, claims that UM’s capitulation to BSU’s demands is hypocritical.

“There’s a bit of a hypocrisy being played out in Provost Pollacks letter and, more broadly, the policies of the administration,” Derek Magill, president of UM’s Young Americans for Liberty, told The Daily Caller.

Magill sent a letter to UM President Mary Sue Coleman on Monday claiming that the administration support for diversity is only “skin deep,” since the university has done very little to recruit and accommodate non-liberal student and faculty voices.

“As students at the University of Michigan, we have become keenly aware that there is a general under representation of libertarian and conservative views on campus,” wrote Magill and his co-president, Cody Chipman, in a letter to Coleman. “Nearly every course we have taken has been taught from a liberal perspective by a liberal professor. … If all schools of thought are not more equally represented, many students may never encounter them.”

YAL’s insistence that UM ignores viewpoint diversity in favor of skin-color diversity is not without merit. Chipman and YAL recently filed a lawsuit against UM for declining to fund one of their group’s events. The libertarian club brought Jennifer Gratz — a noted anti-affirmative action activist — to campus to give a talk about the Schuette case.

UM denied funding to this event on grounds that it was political in nature. (RELATED: College’s ‘neutral’ policy stiffs libertarian students, funds their opponents)

UM had no trouble, however, awarding funding to student members of BAMN for the purposes of traveling to Washington, D.C. to protest in favor of affirmative action on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Somehow, this activity did not qualify as “political.”

The obvious double standard speaks to the university’s lack of attention to creating a truly diverse campus, according to YAL’s lawsuit.

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