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Pro-abortion group has female genitalia deliver ‘State of the Uterus’ address [VIDEO]

Female genitalia delivered the pro-abortion group Lady Part’s Justice “State of the Uterus” address Tuesday night.

The reproductive organs, presented as a puppet named “Madam Uterus,” was a uterus equipped with fallopian tubes, eyes and a mouth, delivered a speech about the state of women’s rights.

Madam Uterus offered a state of the union address as seen through the eyes of a pro-abortion feminist, lamenting the number of pro-choice bills passed this year and blasting Republicans for their insensitivity towards liberal women.

“I am here tonight to assure the uteri of America that the government is back to work — and that Republicans and Republicans alike are tirelessly fighting so the uteri of America will have the same rights as the uteri of Saudi Arabia,” the uterus said.

Lizz Winstead, the face of the group, wrote the speech, which was full of jabs at Republicans and men in general.

“As the old saying goes: behind every successful uterus is a man — calling her a whore, while cutting her pay,” the uterus said.

The Daily Caller offered a preview of the “State of the Uterus” Tuesday. Here it is in full:


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