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11 reasons why your dog is a better hunting partner than your friends [SLIDESHOW]

Because sometimes people are just too much to deal with.

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  • 1. Your dog is excited to go, no matter what time you have to wake up in the morning. (Flickr/State Farm)
  • 2. She won't mind sitting perfectly still in a duck blind for over four hours. (Flickr/Seth Patterson Photography)
  • 3. Your dog probably has better vision, hearing, and scent than your friends and will spot the hunt for you. (Flickr/dglassme)
  • 4. They won’t decide to open the bag of Cheetos right as the buck walks by. (Flickr/Kavg21)
  • 5. Your dog is more than happy to take the shortcut through the river rather than walk all the way around it. (Flickr/Bob Haarmans)
  • 6. They won’t mooch all your booze and never pay you back. (Flickr/tony_lee)
  • 7. Your dog never gets tired and wants to go home. (Flickr/Art Image Directory)
  • 8. She won't steal your shot on "accident." (Flickr/fisher arsenal)
  • 9. Unlike your friends, your dog’s favorite part of the trip is retrieving your hunt and hauling it back to camp. (Flickr/Jefferson Pierce)
  • 10. Your dog won’t make fun of you for shooting the smallest buck. (Flickr/wdl65)
  • 11. When it's time to go home, you don't have to cram in the truck together. She'll just hop in the back because that’s her favorite seat anyway. (Flickr/mikebaird)