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(Photo: Michigan Department of Corrections) (Photo: Michigan Department of Corrections)  

Escaped quadruple murderer caught in Indiana

Quadruple murderer Michael David Elliot, who escaped from a maximum security prison near Grand Rapids, Mich., Sunday night, has been captured in Indiana.

Elliot is believed to have worn a white kitchen uniform in order to blend in with snow during daring escape from Ionia Correctional Facility. Elliot’s record of good behavior in his 20 years in prison made his escape attempt even more baffling to authorities, according to Fox News.

Authorities have thus far been unable to ascertain the exact method that allowed Elliot to escape prison, where he had been serving four life sentences for four murders he committed in 1993.

Once out of prison at around 9:30 p.m. CST, Elliot escaped on foot to the town of Ionia. Once there, he carjacked and abducted a woman driving a red Jeep Cherokee using a box cutter or a knife. Elliot forced the woman to drive into Indiana.

When Elliot stopped for gas in Middlebury, the woman escaped and called 911 with a hidden cellphone. Elliot then drove further, eventually abandoning the car six miles east Shipsewana, Ind.

The chase that eventually caught Elliot was set off when Elliot stole a car from Aero Metals in LaPorte, Indiana around 5:30 p.m. Monday. The owner of the vehicle saw Elliot drive off and called the cops.

A nearby deputy spotted the vehicle quickly and gave pursuit, not knowing that the driver was Elliot. The 80 mph, five-minute chase went through the city and into the rural Kanakee township a few miles away.

Police used stop sticks and captured Elliot near Rolling Prairie, Ind., after the stolen car was crashed into a snow bank. Elliot tried to run, but was quickly captured and detained in the LaPorte County Jail.

Police believe Elliot hijacked four cars in less than 24 hours in his attempt to flee, according to local Indiana TV station WSBT. Now, Elliot may spend up to 30 days in the LaPorte County jail as Michigan and Indiana go through the process of extradition.

Elliot is currently refusing to be extradited back to Michigan, where he was serving his four life sentences for murder. A judge had also set bail at $1 million due to Elliot being a flight risk. With the start of the extradition process, the bail decision was struck. No bail is currently set.

As he left the court today, Elliot expressed that he wanted a second chance, and that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone in his escape. The woman he abducted was not harmed during her ordeal.