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Virginia man claims his information stolen by hackers [VIDEO]

Virginia Beach resident Rich Guillory found it a little fishy that — just one day after plugging his information into — he started receiving a torrent of strange phone calls from someone claiming the person could help him procure health insurance.

So he called up local ABC affiliate WVEC, hoping they could help him uncover what appears to be a hack attack against the Obamacare website the White House insists is secure.

Guillory claims that after entering his address, phone number and Social Security ID into the website, he received over half a dozen calls from two unidentified Virginia Beach numbers. He didn’t pick up right away, but the callers left messages that mentioned him by name and offered to help in procuring health insurance.

When he called back, however, the two women who answered claimed they had never called him before. “She said, ‘This is about the fourth call I got [regarding health insurance],’” he said.

Guillory picked up the next time he received the mystery call. “I said, ‘Hey look, I tried to contact y’all a couple times, and this is not a legitimate number,’” he claimed. “They hung up immediately.”

One of the women whose number was hijacked — she preferred to remain anonymous — also felt violated. “I don’t know what they’re seeing on the caller ID, whether my full name is popping up or not,” she said. “And the possibility of that, even, is — it’s scary.”

Guillory called a helpline to air his complaints. “OK, gimme just a second,” the government worker told him. “I don’t what they could be confirming, because no one else can view your information.”

The Department of Health and Human Services called the Virginia man’s plight “a coincidence,” claiming the website has “stringent security standards” and that “there have been no successful security attacks on, and no person or group has maliciously accessed personally identifiable information.”

The law does not require the federal government to disclose a breach of But three weeks ago data security expert David Kennedy informed Congress that — four months after Obamcare’s rollout — the website remains insecure.

“I don’t understand how we’re still discussing whether the website is insecure or not,” he said. “It is insecure — 100 percent.”

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