RED STARE: Russians spy on media with cameras installed in Sochi showers

Not only have the Russians placed the media in covering the 2014 Winter Olympics in ramshackle hotel rooms with no water — they’ve also admitted to using spy cameras installed in hotel bathrooms and showers.

The deputy prime minister responsible for the Olympic preparations, Dmitry Kozak, let slip the secret during a media address Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reports. When Kozak was asked about the terrible conditions journalists have been complaining about in their hotels, he said they were lying due to anti-Russian bias.

“We have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day,” Kozak said, before an aide yanked him away.

Yahoo News reporter Charles Robinson tweeted about some suspicious activity with a security guard in his hotel and a few other things on Tuesday:




Kozak’s slip of the tongue makes it pretty clear that the media is being spied on everywhere in their shoddy lodgings.

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