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Woman arrested for trolling herself on Facebook

A UK woman has been jailed and is facing penalties for sending abusive messages to her own Facebook page.

Michelle Chapman, 24, had an apparent family dispute with her father and stepmother that prompted her to create fake accounts in their names on the popular social media platform and send herself “hundreds of vile sexual taunts,” according to a Daily Mail report.

Chapman went to police and complained about her own year’s worth of abuse in an attempt to frame them and other family members, prompting the authorities to arrest her stepmother and warn her father and other family members for whom she created fake accounts.

Eventually investigators traced the accounts as having been set up on Chapman’s own computer in her Par, Cornwall home.

Later in court Chapman admitted to sending herself the abusive messages between February 2011 and March 2012, and was sentenced to almost two years in prison. The presiding judge confiscated Chapman’s computer and issued a restraining order barring Chapman from attempting to contact the family members she tried to frame.

Chapman’s defense attorney has since claimed Chapman suffers from mental health disorders and her husband, Glyn Chapman, 57, says her story was “a cry for help.”

“She has not had the help she needs. This is what you do when you’re in desperate, desperate need of help – you scream out,” Chapman said.

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