The Mirror

Bath Time

MSNBC’s string of apologies. What does it all mean? A story by AP’s David Bauder steps back and assesses the situation. Read here.

The mother of one of AOL’s “distressed babies” speaks out… When AOL’s Tim Armstrong flubbed and told the company he was cutting retirement benefits because “distressed babies” had used up millions, he surely never figured that Deanna Fei, one of the mothers would write an amazing story about it. By Sunday there was an apology and the benefits were restored. Still, if you read no other story today, read this one on Slate. And bring tissues. The deck: “That ‘distressed baby’ who Tim Armstrong blamed for benefit cuts? She’s my daughter.” See  here.

A photographer does the unthinkable…HuffPost has an intriguing story about saying that one awful phrase to friends and loved ones: “I have something to tell you.” In this case, the news was that he has AIDS. He took pictures capturing their reactions. Check it out here.