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New app, ‘Wingman,’ helps you hook up in the skies

Why anyone would want to have sex in a cramped, foul-smelling airplane bathroom is beyond us.

But a new mobile app, Wingman, will soon be able to help you out if the mood really strikes you but you aren’t traveling with a sexy companion.

The Daily Beast reports that Wingman — “the Tinder of airline travel” — is in the development stages, even if the writer of the piece is somewhat skeptical that the app is real.

Wingman creator Gabe Whaley told the site that it’s all about meeting people and seeing where things go. After all, if you and a stranger are traveling from one place to another, it’s likely that you at least have something in common with them. (Even if that something is the desire to have sex on a plane.)

“This isn’t my attempt to resolve some former incident where I didn’t get to meet the girl of my dreams,” Whaley told The Daily Beast. “And naturally, it’s a bit controversial. But there is definitely something to be said about being able to engage with someone on a flight and seeing what the possibilities are from there.”

It may sound bizarre, but there are MUCH stranger dating apps like FlavorConnect, which pairs people up based on their taste in candy and Carrot Dating, the app that allows men to exchange a fancy dinner for a date which is borderline prostitution.

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