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We need more jobs, unless you don’t feel like working, which is awesome and stuff

I was unfamiliar with Granny Jan before today, but she does a nice job of mocking the Democrats’ latest Orwellian nonsense:

“Free candy for life” is always going to be a more popular message than “If you want that candy, you need to work to pay for it.” But this is cynical dreck, even for the Democrats. Do they really expect us to forget their promises that Obamacare would create jobs? Guess so. And when you can’t afford to feed your family, it’ll be touted as a weight-loss plan. Can’t heat your house in the winter? It’s a great opportunity for the whole family to bond by huddling together for warmth! Etc.

Lots of people are lazy from time to time. (I’m certainly guilty of it.) But leave it to the Democrats to try to turn sloth into a virtue.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)