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Ski ballet and 9 more forgotten Olympic sports [SLIDESHOW]

Sure, Olympic staples like speed skating and downhill skiing are all well and good.

But wouldn’t you want to see the world’s greatest ski ballerinas pitted against each other on the world’s biggest stage? (The only correct answer here is “yes.”)  Certainly, the world could use a good skijoring competition every four years.

Check out more forgotten sports below. USA! USA!

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  • Tug-of-war is one of the most ancient Olympic sports, but it hasn't been featured in the games since 1920. This may not really qualify as a "sport", but if the Olympics could be more inclusive towards people with no athletic ability, this is the sport they should bring back.
  • Rope climbing, everyone's least favorite elementary school P.E. activity, was an Olympic sport until 1932.
  • Racewalking is an Olympic sport in which athletes must keep one foot on the ground at all times during a 20 or 50 kilometer race. Racewalking had its last Olympic hurrah in the 1992 games.
  • Admittedly, the 1908 "water motorsport" competition, which consisted of a motorboat driving around a course five times, sounds pretty boring. May we suggest an update for modern times? Totally Extreme Motorsports: Competitors jump their boats over a series of obstacles, Evel Knievel style. The first to get to the finish line and shotgun a 16-ounce beer wins.
  • Croquet, the whitest sport of all time, was played during the 1900 and 1904 games. If for only one reason, it should qualify as an Olympic sport since the player has to remember all the dumb rules.
  • Maybe because nobody wanted to see live pigeons explode in mid-air, live pigeon shooting was only featured in the Olympics once, in 1900.
  • We're not quite sure what Jai alai is, but this guy's getup is awesome, so it should probably be included in the Olympics again. The sport, also known as pelota basque, was played in the 1900 and 1992 games.
  • A pistol duel is the oldest way to settle an argument, so why not let it be an Olympic sport once again? Don't worry, players aimed their pistols at a dummy wearing a coat, but still. This would be awesome. It was played once, unofficially, in the 1906 games.
  • Ski ballet's inclusion into the Olympic games needs no explanation other than its self-explanatory name and this photo. It happened during the 1988 and 1992 demonstrations, so why not again in 2014? The world is ready.
  • The now-defunct Olympic sport of skijoring has the best name of any sport on this list. The game, which features a skier being pulled by a dog, would certainly bring some much-needed canine cuteness to the games and would also promise some seriously awesome wipeouts for instant-replay purposes.