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Olympians blame global warming for lack of snow in sunny Sochi [VIDEO]

ClimateDepot founder Marc Morano ridiculed Olympians who signed onto a letter urging a U.N. global warming treaty in the wake of low snow totals for the Sochi Olympics, noting that record snow is occurring throughout the world and they picked “the most southern Russian city with palm trees.”

Morano spoke with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto about the letter, which saw over 100 Olympic athletes write a letter claiming climate change “threatens” this and future Winter Olympics. They highlighted the importance of signing a comprehensive, global climate change treaty at a 2015 U.N. meeting on global warming.

But Morano pointed out that Sochi’s position in Russia — thousands of miles south of Moscow and not far from the Turkish maritime border — lends the resort town an almost tropical feel that doesn’t produce much snow. Meanwhile, vast swathes of the Northern Hemisphere, including the storm-socked East Coast, remain buried under snow and ice.

“They’re waking up and seeing palm trees outside,” he said. “It’s the southernmost city in Russia. And had they held these Olympics in Michigan — upper Michigan was the coldest place on the entire planet in January — they should have held them in Michigan if they were looking for snow.”

“They should’ve held them in Iran,” Morano continued, “which and the most snow in 50 years, where 50 houses were crushed. They should’ve held them in Italy, where they’re having record snow. They should’ve held them anywhere in the United States, where we’ve broken over 4,000 snow records this past month.”

“The idea that they’d pick the most southern city with palm trees, and then use it as a springboard to call for a U.N. global warming treaty,” he said, “something’s just not adding up.”

“It’s probably the warmest spot in all of Russia typically,” Morano explained. “And if you look at the data of the Northern Hemisphere in February, it’s not showing a trend since the 1960s — it goes up and down in different cycles. They have no case to make.”

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