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Bill Maher: ‘The biggest problem in politics is that we don’t really have a Left Party’ [VIDEO]

Left-wing comedian Bill Maher declared Friday that “the biggest problem in politics today is we don’t really have a Left Party,” claiming that Democrats are the Republicans of 20 years ago.

Maher made the remarks during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper about his new initiative, where the comedian will work with his fans to single out an (undoubtably Republican) congressional district and try to “flip it” with campaign donations.

“People really do — on an individual, district basis — not like the people who are representing them very often,” Maher said. “And we think that if we shine a little light on some of these people, we might be able to flip one.” He later added that Republicans “should be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Tapper asked the comedian who he’d like to see run for president in 2016. “For my own selfish reasons, I would like to see Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and the rest of the Insane Clown Posse run,” he snarked, “and I’m sure there will be some people on the right who are great fodder for us.”

“But I’m a patriot first, I like to think,” he added, “so I want the most qualified people. I dunno who that is anymore on the right.” Maher bemoaned the fall of moderate Republican Chris Christie. “Doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anymore,” he said, “so I don’t even know who to root for on the Republican side.”

Tapper told Maher he “remember[ed] a time when you used to be more of a libertarian and you didn’t like either party. Do you think you have changed in your politics or do you think the parties have changed?”

“Absolutely the parties, I haven’t changed at all,” the comedian responded. He went on to call libertarians “Ayn Rand nut cases who think we shouldn’t have traffic lights or FEMA shouldn’t exist, people should fend for themselves in a hurricane.”

“This is well-documented, that it’s the Republican Party that moved to the right,” he went on, explaining the state of politics in Maher’s America. “You can tell this by the fact that Democratic policies, like Obamacare, are old Republican policies. Cap-and-trade is an old Republican policy.”

“The Republican Party of 20 years ago became the Democratic Party today,” Maher concluded, “and the biggest problem in politics, I think, is that we really don’t have a ‘Left’ Party.”

Now that’s comedy, folks.

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