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Valentine’s Day: Planned Parenthood offers condom in place of an engagement ring

condoms. Photo - Getty images condoms. Photo - Getty images  

Days after Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards tweeted that what women really need for Valentine’s Day are abortions, Planned Parenthood of Maryland offered up their idea for a great V-Day gift.

The Maryland affiliate of the abortion provider tweeted a picture of a colorful condom in place of a ring in a box.

“Will you be my birth control?” the caption on the picture reads. “Happy Valentine’s Day from Planned Parenthood.”


The Planned Parenthood affiliate also posted other birth control-related messages for Valentine’s Day on their Facebook page.

Monday Richards tweeted a Vine of herself holding a heart sign reading “#What women need ____ for Valentine’s Day” and filled the blanks in with items such as “safe + legal abortions,” “maternity care,” “Planned Parenthood,” “cancer screenings” “birth control,” “really radical stuff.”

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