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Gay-ish journalists tweet out Buzzfeed test saying they’re not gay

It’s semi-official.

BuzzFeed‘s Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith is not gay. This, according to a quiz he took on his own website. This must be quite a relief considering it’s Valentine’s Day and he’s got a wife and kids. But in early January, his LGBT Editor, Sayeed Jones, tweeted that Smith was 75 percent gay according to the “Gay or Straight” website. At the time, Smith reacted on Twitter with a very short utterance: “Um.” Asked for further reaction, Smith replied to The Mirror saying, “I have no further reaction than ‘um.’”

Commentary Magazine’s John Podhoretz, the prolific tweeter who is seriously as hairy as an ape, also insists he’s not gay by way of this new quiz. He also has a wife and kids. Of course, he had to add that he’s “slightly disappointed” with the results of the quiz, which could be construed as a little bit of a gay-ish thing to say. However, if he was gay, there’s no way he’d keep his back as hairy as it is. He’d have a standing appointment at the Grooming Lounge, because no doubt, that stuff grows fast.

Congratulations to both gentlemen on your semi-official non-gay-ish status.



Asked by a follower if he’s not even a little curious, Podhoretz replied, “Except for the having sex with and being attracted to men part, I am pretty damn gay.”