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National security expert: Obama’s naïve foreign policy putting America at risk [VIDEO]

Allen Roth, president of the foreign policy advocacy group Secure America Now, believes the average American has a sounder understanding of security and foreign policy issues than those in government.

In this three-part video interview with The Daily Caller, Roth discusses how President Obama’s policies put American security in jeopardy.

According to Roth, our president’s disengagement policy has “diminished America and its people in the eyes of the world” and “created a vacuum” that other powers are maneuvering to fill.

His organization aims to inform people on all sides on the issues, who, he says, mostly agree on national security issues. Roth disapproves of the previous, more adventurous foreign policy that attempted to impose American values with force, but he also spares no criticism toward this president.

Obama is, according to Roth, in the process of dismantling decades of bipartisan foreign policy consensus aimed at maintaining security for America.

Obama’s policies have made victims of Christians in the Middle East and the American people, according to Roth. Roth says that “the way terrorists are treated in this country, the movement of hardened terrorists out of Guantanamo is not something that doesn’t have consequences. It has huge consequences.”

Roth says that the enduring lesson of Benghazi is that “the American government, from Hillary Clinton to the White House made grievous errors, and in some cases covered up the truth about Benghazi.”

“The message that sends to our enemies is we don’t care about our own people,” he continued.

Roth also levels criticism at a Congress that has yet to fully uncover the whole truth of the attack, saying “not a single person has been fired, not a single person in our government who made mistakes has paid a price for failure to secure a compound.”

This unresolved attack on America “emboldens our enemies,” he continues. His preferred solution is Republican Rep. Frank Wolf’s proposed select committee on Benghazi, H.Res. 36. The proposal is cosponsored by the majority of Republicans, but House Speaker John Boehner refuses to permit the House to consider this legislation.

Roth says the current Democratic leadership “sees everyone in the world as our friends. Well, they’re not. We have plenty of enemies. … It’s unrealistic, and it’s not going to happen, and it endangers the American people.”

Beyond embracing a dangerous naiveté, Roth says that the Obama foreign policy team “marches to a different drummer than the average American.”

He continues, “This administration has not only reflects what I would call the immoral beliefs of a lot of the cultural elites, but stokes their agenda, supports their agendas, whether it’s at the United Nations or whether it is at other international institutions. They have in fact encouraged them, given them power, legitimacy of the United States of America. That’s not the American people. That’s the Obama administration.”

Watch Part 2:

Watch Part 3:

In a previous portion of the interview, Roth discusses how the Republican Party has abdicated leadership on national security and foreign policy.

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