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Trump aide resigns in wake of BuzzFeed profile: ‘It is poor form to accept Mr. Trump’s hospitality and then sh*t on him in print’

In the wake of the sharply negative profile of Donald Trump that appeared in BuzzFeed, one of Trump’s aides, Sam Nunberg, has resigned. Since when did Trump become a member of Congress or even Vice President¬†Frank Underwood‘s aide in House of Cards? In an email to CNN’s Brian Stelter, who requested comment, Nunberg explains why he resigned and spares nothing where the profile’s author, BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins, is concerned. The Mirror obtained what looks to be a private email exchange.

It’s safe to say that Coppins is persona non grata to Trump and his employees. Maybe dead would be a better way to phrase it. One can’t help but think Trump might have taken sheer glee in saying the words “You’re fired!” to Nunberg as opposed to him simply resigning. But oh well.

In the email to Stelter, Nunberg, one of Trump’s “yes men,” as he was depicted in Coppins’ story, explained that he vouched for the reporter and BuzzFeed and therefore felt he must resign for the disastrous outcome. In reaction to the story, Nunberg insists Coppins’ career will be destroyed by the story. “As I take the long view, I am certain that Mr. Coppins unprofessional conduct will make Republicans, Democrats and all public figures reticent to ever trust him or give him any future access,” Nunberg wrote. “What goes around, come around. With this hit job and McKay’s ’40 percent’ comment during the Romney campaign, his professional reputation is null and void.”

Nunberg calls it “poor form” for Coppins to accept Trump’s “gracious” invitation to his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, where there are apparently a lot of beautiful women, and then “shit on him in print.” In a later cleaned-up version of his response to Stelter, he changes “shit” to “disparage.” The Mirror personally thinks Nunberg should stick with “shit.” Coppins explains in his profile that he had to repeatedly explain to Trump about BuzzFeed‘s ethics policy. Trump ultimately sent Coppins a bill, but not before joking that he’d have to charge BuzzFeed $100,000 for the private plane ride there and so forth.

Asked if Coppins ever felt that Trump or his people expected favorable treatment for the luxurious arrangements in Palm Beach, he ¬†told The Mirror Friday night, “As I wrote in the piece, I had to explain BuzzFeed’s ethics policy more than once to Trump, and I made clear that we would have to reimburse him with actual money — not repay him with a puff piece. As for whether he’s forever ruined BuzzFeed‘s relationship with Trump, Coppins explained, “I didn’t go into this adventure looking to build a relationship with Trump or ruin one; I wrote what I saw. It’s a shame he isn’t pleased with the final product but something tells me he will find it in his heart to forgive me eventually. He likes us reporters too much.”