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Trump aide resigns in wake of BuzzFeed profile: ‘It is poor form to accept Mr. Trump’s hospitality and then sh*t on him in print’

I continue to applaud Mr. Trump’s willingness to engage in the political on behalf of the conservative values he holds dear. If he was a liberal billionaire, like George Soros, whose current litigation with a former lover is not covered at BuzzFeed, Ben Smith and the crowd at BuzzFeed would be kissing Mr. Trump’s ass.

It is important to understand that Mr. Coppins was merely scheduled to travel from New Hampshire to New York with Mr. Trump. But when Mr. Trump’s 757 was unable to land at Laguardia because of poor weather and was diverted to Palm Beach, Mr. Trump graciously invited Mr. Coppins to stay at his club, eat his food and drink. While I in no way think this gracious gesture should guarantee favorable coverage by Mr. Coppins, I do think it is poor form to accept to Mr. Trump’s hospitality and then shit on him in print.

As I take the long view, I am certain that Mr. Coppins unprofessional conduct will make Republicans, Democrats and all public figures reticent to ever trust him or give him any future access. What goes around, come around. With this hit job and McKay’s “40 percent” comment during the Romney campaign, his professional reputation is null and void.

I also take solace with 100% certainty that more BuzzFeed visitors saw cat videos or took tests to determine their sexuality than actually read this piece.┬áSince you contacted me through the Middle East Forum, let me note that none of Mr. Trump’s activities have anything to do with the Forum, which is a distinct current client of mine.┬áMy services to Mr. Trump have centered around communications and scheduling. It was an honor to work for this great entrepreneur.

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Sam Nunberg