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Andrea Mitchell predicts collapse of Ukraine’s pro-Putin regime: ‘This looks like another revolution’

Chief NBC foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell claimed the new explosion of protests in Ukraine are the most intense yet and “look like another revolution,” warning the pro-Russian government may not survive this latest round of violence. (RELATED: Watch unbelievable live video of the battle in Kiev) 

Mitchell made the prediction during an interview Tuesday with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, after at least 9 people were killed in violent protests against the Vladimir Putin-backed government based in Kiev. Fearful of Russian domination, protesters have violently resisted Ukrainian security forces for months.

But Monday and Tuesday’s clashes have been the deadliest by far, with protesters battling riot police for control of an important square in Kiev’s city center. “This looks like another revolution,” Mitchell predicted. “This is really, really escalating rapidly. They shut down the area, foreigners and diplomats are being told to stay inside. Americans are being told to be very, very careful.”

Melvin asked Mitchell how she thought this would play out and if the United States may get involved. “Well, remember that the top [U.S.] official for Europe, Victoria Nuland, was overheard talking about which one of the [protest] leaders to support,” she explained, “and we believe — and the U.S. government certainly believes — that that conversation was not only intercepted, but leaked by the Russians to say, ‘Stay out of this. This is not an American affair.’”

“So that was a shot across the bow at the State Department, at the White House,” she said, “but it looks now as if the regime may not survive this.” Russia has promised to do everything it can to keep Ukraine within its sphere of influence, raising fears that Putin may intervene if his Ukrainian ally is toppled.

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