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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers the budget address at City Hall in New York February 12, 2014. REUTERS/Craig Ruttle/Pool New York Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers the budget address at City Hall in New York February 12, 2014. REUTERS/Craig Ruttle/Pool  

Bill de Blasio: A tall man who falls short

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David Lawrence
Author, 'The King of White-Collar Boxing'

At New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City Speech at La Guardia College, he recited his usual mantra that he would correct income inequality to give all of us New York dummies a “fair shot at a better life.”

Reminiscent of whom? Obama. And who got a fair shot — de Blasio, Obama, Biden… The powerful hang onto the targets and the guns. There is nothing more repugnant than a rich leader promising us what he will never give us. Speech is an excuse for inaction.

De Blasio is a tall man who falls short.

De Blasio calls for increasing the minimum wage, providing ID cards for illegal immigrants and raising taxes on the rich to pay for a bunch of not-too-promising kindergarten kids. These are religious churchly moves to improve the plight of the poor. They are not economic moves to improve the plight of the city. They are de Blasio trying to cop the religious authority of a priest. He is trying to be Mother Theresa, a saint.

Increasing the minimum wage will constrict the job market, raising taxes will discourage business and cause rich people to leave our city and giving out ID cards will make citizenship less valuable as they give more illegals access to our city.

Why do liberals who are often atheists put on the priestly robes and imitate religious, good people? Stuff de Blasio in a church. Keep him out of our city streets. He is a cartoon saint, a false redeemer.

De Blasio imagines that increasing the minimum wage a dollar or two will raise residents from the ranks of the poor. Is he kidding?

New York is a fabulously expensive city. Is he so out of touch in his realm of political power and good income that he doesn’t have a clue as to what poor people need? He thinks that raising the minimum wage from eight to nine dollars an hour will have any effect. He pats himself on the back like he is a giant Jesus Christ, like he is a saint.

At his speech at LaGuardia College he said that he wanted to “lay the foundation now for the strength and stability of New York’s future — a future of greater equality and opportunity.”

De Blasio is such a materialist that he thinks that equality is only based on finances. Doesn’t he realize that there is no equality in life? That some children are born with cancer and some are born with brilliance or tremendous athletic ability or good looks. It’s not all about money, Big Bill. You can’t make it all good no matter how many votes that would get you.

De Blasio goes on to say, “We demand a city that lifts the floor for those struggling day to day, that offers every New Yorker a fair shot, because that is the city that we all signed up for.”

Who is Bill to say what we did or didn’t sign up for? He speaks for us without our permission. He’s like Obama with his phone and his pen.  He has the arrogance of stupidity and the conviction of a self-assured fool.