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Ellen DeGeneres plus one is always more fun. Dogs keep it interesting. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/ Ellen DeGeneres plus one is always more fun. Dogs keep it interesting. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/  

These photobombing dogs are the only reason to look at celebrity selfies [SLIDESHOW]

Dallas Pets Alive invented a way to get people to adopt dogs beyond that depressing Sarah McLaughlin commercial: muttbombing.

The art of “muttbombing,” as this rescue shelter in Dallas has coined it, involves celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling, Ellen DeGeneres and others who have submitted their friends to be “muttbombed.”

This initiative might be the best way to look at these cute dogs that need a home in a whole new way.

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  • Miley may not be the best choice, but publicity is publicity. Just don't give her your dog. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • From the sound of things, this dog is trying too hard for Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • Ryan Gosling's got to be dog lover. We just know it. Now, so are we. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • This dog accentuates the positive for 'The Ellen Show.' Just kooky enough to work. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • Selena Gomez seems like she needs some R&R with the dog next to her. Not Justin Bieber. This cute pup. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • An underwater camera to capture this selfie? Cool. An underwater dog paddle? Awesome. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • What's more American than walking your dog with an American flag bandana? (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • This pup wins. Bonnie should just have her own Instagram. Insta-muttbomb fame. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • If Harry Potter had a dog, this would be it. Well played. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • So a creepy selfie of a man eating a interesting. Even creepier? The dog lurking in the background. They're perfect for each other. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/
  • Working out is just more fun with a dog in the background. (Photo: Dallas Pets Alive/