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Eric Cantor predicts GOP will pick up Senate in November [VIDEO]

House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor expressed confidence in his party’s prospects this November, claiming Obamacare and a tottering economy will help Republicans maintain the House and take control of the Senate.

The Virginia congressman spoke with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo during her inaugural show Monday morning. “There are 36 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2014 — 15 GOP, 21 Dems,” Bartiromo explained. “What are you expecting this year? How many seats can you guys take in the Senate?”

“Well first of all, with the elections upcoming I think we’ve got to remember most people in the country aren’t so focused on that,” Cantor began. “They’re focused on their own difficulties right now in getting through the month and making sure their job is there, and we want to stay focused on those issues.”

“I do think there is a lot in this economy right now that isn’t working for people,” he continued, “and House Republicans are for an America that works. I think it will be a good election year for us in the House, and I do also think that the Republicans will also do very well and take the Senate.”

Cantor also pushed a proposal aiming to strip from Obamacare a provision defining full-time employment as just 30 hours — which the majority leader believes will lead to lost hours and income. “I’m hoping the president wants to restore the 40-hour work week — the part of Obamacare that I think we could repeal,” he said.

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