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Gun rights author to be featured on TV’s Obsession: Dark Desires

Watch Nikki Goeser’s true-life story on Investigation Discovery’s new hit series OBSESSION: DARK DESIRES, airing Tuesday, February 25 at 10/9c. For more information, please visit

Denied a Chance: How Gun Control Helped a Stalker Murder my Husband

For Nikki Goeser it was a day like any other … with one exception. Her husband, Ben, had only 16 hours to live. On that fateful day in Tennessee, the man she loved would be murdered by a beast who was stalking her. In compliance with state law Nikki had left her legal firearm locked in the car. With the help of legislatively created pistol free zones, one evil man gunned down Nikki’s husband as she was forced to look on, defenseless and disarmed by an ill-conceived law designed to save her. Read this inspiring story of courage through remorse, as one woman struggles to seek justice for the man she loves. Follow Nikki Goeser as she fights to ensure that others are never held victim to the same terrible fate.

Nicole “Nikki” Goeser lives in middle Tennessee and is a graduate of The University of Tennessee Knoxville where she earned her degree in Psychology. Nikki became a Second Amendment Activist after the brutal murder of her husband “Ben” by a man that had been stalking her. She has been featured on programs such as Nightline, Fox Business with John Stossel, ABC News, CNN, The BBC and NRA News. Nikki was awarded the Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award by the National Rifle Association in 2012 for her activism.

Obsession: Dark Desires
Serenade of a Stalker
33 year old Nikki is building a karaoke business with her husband, Ben. But one night, a customer with an obsession for Nikki ends not only the dream but shatters her entire life with an act of extreme and unprovoked violence.