Is this MSNBC host moonlighting for Elizabeth Warren’s 2016 campaign?

Two weeks ago, liberal MSNBC host Krystal Ball begged Hillary Clinton to forgo the 2016 presidential race to clear the way for Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Now she’s is back at it, railing against Democrats worried over Warren’s hyper-liberalism and claiming that “if Warren’s a radical leftist, I guess the rest of the country is as well.”

Ball noted that her segment throwing Hillary under the bus in favor of Warren raised eyebrows on both sides of the aisle. “Bill O’Reilly actually made a pretty spectacular leap from my comments to — wait for it — communism in Cuba,” she said. “And while O’Reilly takes my argument to an extreme place, a fair amount of the feedback I received from Democrats about Elizabeth Warren as a presidential candidate was also of the ‘she’s too liberal’ variety.”

“I gotta tell you, this view really puzzles me,” she continued, “because however you want to label Warren and her policies, they are one thing. And that is quite popular.” The cable news host noted popular support for minimum wage and pointed to polls showing support for Social Security expansion, bank regulation and income inequality.

“So if Warren’s a radical leftist, I guess much of the country is as well,” she claimed. “The real problem is not that Elizabeth Warren is too left. It’s that we’ve allowed our politics — and what is considered the center in our politics — to be pulled way too far right.”

“And oh by the way, don’t worry about how Warren would do in the fundraising department,” Ball added, perhaps seeking to assuage Democratic concerns. “She raised more in her Senate race against Scott Brown than any other congressional candidate in the country. Turns out there are a lot of folks who’d be willing to make a small investment in some actual people-powered, unbought democracy.”

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