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Krystal Ball: ‘GOP’s economic philosophy is rotten,’ led to financial crisis [VIDEO]

Liberal MSNBC host Krystal Ball had a lot to say about the Republican party’s “economic theory” on MSNBC’s The Cycle Tuesday afternoon.

She proclaimed there was something she had been “thinking about a lot.”

“It strikes me that the real problem for them [GOP] is that their economic theory has basically been debunked. I mean, the financial crisis was because of their economic theory. The inequality that people are so concerned about is because of their economic theory,” Ball told her co-hosts and the guest — Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker.

She continued: “Even if you look at what is happening in West Virginia with the chemical spill screwing up the water for many, many West Virginians there, that is also a result of too much deregulation so I don’t see how the Republican party can rebrand until they deal with the fact that their economic philosophy is basically rotten.”

The New Yorker’s Hertzberg expressed his disappointment about President Obama not properly educating the public enough about the stimulus and “what Keynesian economics is, which is kind of accepted.”