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Seth Meyers to Biden: ‘If there was an NRA for finger guns, you would be the president’

Seth Meyers didn’t prove to be a particularly talented conversationalist during his debut as host of the NBC’s “Late Night,” but he did get in one good quip at Joe Biden’s expense while the vice president was sitting next to him.

Noting Biden’s propensity to make finger guns, Meyers joked, “If there was an NRA for finger guns, you would be the president.”

Besides finger guns, Meyers also talked trains with Biden and asked him whether he is planning a 2016 presidential run.

Biden was the second guest on Meyers’ debut show, not the first, which could be seen as a slight to the man who is next in line to be the President of the United States. Traditionally, the most important non-musical guest gets top billing on late night shows. On Meyers’ first show, that honor went to comedian Amy Poehler, who co-hosted “Weekend Update” with Meyers when they were both cast members on “Saturday Night Live.”

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