Joe Biden on voter ID laws: ‘Hatred never, ever ultimately goes away’ [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

Vice President Joe Biden compared Republican-backed voter ID laws in numerous states to Jim Crow legislation restricting the rights of blacks, arguing that “hatred never, ever ultimately goes away.”

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto aired the brief clip, which shows Biden addressing a Black History Month event on Tuesday night.

“At least 11 states have introduced legislation recently requiring voters to show ID at the polls, make existing voting laws more restrictive,” Biden said. “Laws like in North Carolina, which imposed a new photo ID requirement, shortening early voting and eliminating same-day registration and early voting.”

“These guys never go away,” Biden declared, to approving noises from the crowd. “But I kinda think, for me at least — you guys know, but it’s an important lesson for me. Hatred never, ever ultimately goes away.” (RELATED: NAACP requires marchers protesting North Carolina’s voter ID law to show photo ID)

Cavuto was less than impressed. “This is hatred?” he asked skeptically. “The vice president is suggesting that Republicans hate African Americans because they like voter ID laws?”

Labeling voter ID laws as part of a broader racist plot is a recurring theme for the vice president (RELATED: Democrats hijack MLK Day to attack voter ID laws). But a majority of Americans disagree with Biden. Eighty-four percent of those polled in Marist/McClatchy poll from last summer — including 83 percent of “non-whites” — supported some form of voter identification.

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