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How Lena Dunham’s Obama ‘virginity’ ad brought viral gold for libertarian star [VIDEO]

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Julie Borowski, star of the viral “Token Libertarian Girl” You Tube channel, explains what brought her in to the world of libertarian politics.

“I was really involved in politics when I was a little kid  around 15 years old, I and was looking online and I found the word libertarian,” Borowski said. “And I had never heard that word. It sounded like Liberia, I wasn’t sure what it meant, and I looked it up and it said people who want maximum freedom and I said, ‘Well, I guess that’s me.’”

She also discussed her highly successful video series, which blends snarky political commentary with pop culture references.

“I think a lot of people like the funny, kind of ridiculous videos that I do,” Borowski said. “The video that has got the most views is my Lena Dunham parody from the HBO show, ‘Girls.’ She did an Obama ad in 2012 where she compared voting for Obama to losing her virginity and it was just creepy and gross and a lot of people didn’t like it.”

Borowski, having majored in political science, decided that the subject was ripe for ridicule.

“I decided to do a parody and I dressed up as her and just basically bashed Obama an all his policies and that has got over 300,000 views,” she said.


Catch the full interview with Julie Borowski with Ginni Thomas on The Daily Caller on Monday.

You can find Julie Borowski’s video channel here.

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