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This 25-year-old could teach the RNC something about youth outreach [VIDEO]

Twenty-five-year-old Julie Borowski, known as “Token Libertarian Girl” on YouTube, could teach the Republican Party a thing or two.

Her channel and Twitter account have attracted a following of people who appreciate her support of liberty, the free market and the American way.

Julie started her channel in 2011, and has since created 95 videos that are only a few minutes long and use a combination of theater and parody to channel her message. Her following is also growing on YouTube and Facebook, where she has over 63,000 followers. Here is one of her popular videos, a creative and humorous take on Obamacare for young people.

In this interview with The Daily Caller, Borowski talks about a number of issues, including women’s rights. She decries the culture of victimization taught to her at the university level, saying “You are not a victim. Just go out and work hard and you’ll get what you deserve.”

From feminist theories to the minimum wage, Borowski approaches politics and current events with common sense and wit.

See a previous portion of her interview here.

Brad Matthews and Grae Stafford contributed to this report.

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