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Wayne LaPierre: The only truth Obama fears

Brace yourself for a tough year, because 2014 could be remembered as the turning point in the loss of your Second Amendment rights.

This year’s elections will decide whether we stop the Barack Obama-Joe Biden-Michael Bloomberg gun-ban machine and save the right to keep and bear arms—or lose much of our Second Amendment freedoms for generations to come.

That’s no exaggeration. So I urge you in the strongest possible terms to renew or upgrade your NRA membership today. Because your NRA membership may be the only thing that can stop the Obama-Biden-Bloomberg gun-ban bulldozer.

But first, let me tell you exactly what we’re up against:

Right now, President Obama is on the verge of putting together a royal flush—an unbeatable, winner-takes-all hand in poker—in his drive to “transform” American society by disarming the American people.

This year’s elections could give Barack Obama a blank check to ban your guns.

But don’t take my word for it. Ask Michelle Obama. At a lavish fundraising dinner in New York City last year, the First Lady asked anti-gun donors to write a “big old fat check” to help elect Senators who will pass Obama’s extreme gun-ban agenda. “Sadly, that [anti-gun] bill failed by just six votes in the Senate,” Michelle told the crowd. “So make no mistake about it: The midterm elections, they matter. They matter.”

It’s true. By winning just a handful of Senate and House seats in November’s elections, Obama could effectively wield all the levers of federal power—executive, legislative and judicial—to gut the Second Amendment that protects our families and defends our freedom.

Long-Game Strategy To “Transform” America By Disarming You.

How did this nightmare situation arise? It’s a story that’s been unfolding for five years.

In his first term, Obama kept silent on guns. He claimed to support the Second Amendment. He tried to reassure hunters by promising not to take away anyone’s guns. And his re-election campaign spent millions to convince you that suddenly, for the first time in his life, Barack Obama didn’t want to ban your firearms.

But having won his last election, now the truth is coming out.

Since then, Obama has exploited one tragedy after another to deceive and frighten Americans about firearms, and to call for a wide variety of new anti-gun laws.

In fact, the Obama White House has been holding weekly meetings with all the major players of the gun-ban lobby, planning a campaign aimed at your guns.

The White House meets weekly with the gun-ban lobby.

And what they can’t win through legislation, they’re imposing through executive actions, regulation or whatever scheme they can think of.

In fact, Obama’s allies on Capitol Hill have even gone so far as to change the rules that have governed the U.S. Senate for more than 200 years—to give themselves nearly limitless power to approve Obama’s judicial and regulatory nominees.

Once they get that rubber-stamp approval, those judges and bureaucrats are free to issue verdicts, set precedents and make up rules of their own that will cut the heart out of your right to keep and bear arms—even decades after Obama has left office.

It’s not hard to see what’s happening here. Obama and his allies are consolidating power. They’re short-circuiting the Constitution’s checks and balances on government. And they’re abusing their authority to wage a full-frontal attack on your freedoms.

And their primary weapon in that campaign? Lies.

Obama Attacks Your Rights With Lies.

In his 2013 State of the Union speech, Obama described your semi-automatic firearms as “weapons of war” that should be banned. At a San Francisco fundraiser, he told high-dollar donors that the Sandy Hook murders were committed with a “fully automatic weapon.”

But Obama knows the difference. Fully automatic firearms are what the Secret Service uses to protect him. In contrast, the semi-automatic firearms you own—and that Obama wants to ban—are not “weapons of war.” They are not “fully automatic.” They don’t spray bullets. They fire once, and only once, each time the trigger is pulled. They are no more powerful than common rifles traditionally used for deer hunting; in fact, most are less powerful. They’ve quickly become the most popular rifles for sport in America. And they are rarely used in crime: According to the FBI, rifles of any kind are used in only 2.5 percent of all homicides. Twice as many people are murdered with fists and feet!

But these truths don’t fit with Obama’s fundraising agenda. So he ensured these truths were “transformed.”

Obama and company want to fundamentally transform American society. They want us to give up the American values and virtues we were taught—individual rights, personal responsibility, the right to own a firearm for the protection of self, family and freedom—by making those ideas seem outdated, abnormal or wrong. They try to shame you, ridicule your values and stigmatize your beliefs, hoping to make Americans more passive, more dependent and, in the end, less free. And they’re more than willing to lie to do it.

Everywhere you look, anti-gun politicians and their media enablers are telling lies about firearms, lies about crime, lies about your freedom to own guns and lies about how to make the American people safer.

They’re trying to trick America into thinking your semi-automatic firearms are machine guns, that your owning a firearm makes you a threat to society, and that crime is increasing when it’s actually decreasing. In fact, the only thing disarming good people will do is to give criminals, deranged killers and terrorists a blank check to murder at will.