Arizona Vet Board’s war on horse massagers

Absent judicial enforcement of constitutional limits on government power, we are left to rely on the self-restraint of public officials. And Arizona’s experience has shown that this is no restraint at all.

The Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to protecting economic liberty, has repeatedly filed lawsuits in Arizona challenging similar violations of the right to earn an honest living. To date, those lawsuits have resulted in significant public backlash against unreasonable government regulation, causing the challenged occupational boards to back down and allow African hairbraiderseyebrow threaderslandscape maintenance workers, and handymen to offer their services without having to first obtain a government permission slip to work.

The Vet Board’s aggressive actions against animal massage therapists suggest it will not back down any time soon. And that is fine with Celeste — because it is time for the courts to declare that the government cannot take someone’s job away for no good reason.

To learn more about this lawsuit, visit ij.org/AZmassage.

Tim Keller is the executive director of the Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter and represents Celeste Kelly and others in the lawsuit filed today against the Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board.