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Czech parliament can’t get (quite as) liquored up anymore

I just tend to assume that most politicians are drunk at any given moment. What else do they have to do all day? How else do you explain their words and behavior? They get hammered and they stay hammered.

But over there in Europeanland or wherever, at least one of those adorable little “countries” has had it with a bunch of drunken sots running things. Reuters reports from Prague:

The head of the lower house of the Czech parliament has banned the sale of alcohol on the premises during plenary sessions, ending an old tradition of selling cheap booze that brightened the mood among politicians and visitors…

A shot of hard alcohol in the lower house sold for as little as 0.6 euro, cheap even by Czech standards…

But a new political force, the centrist ANO movement that stormed into parliament last year on promises to improve the political culture, forced a change in the tradition.

“It is true that workers cannot drink during work hours, so we are eliminating this discrepancy between employees and deputies,” Social Democrat house Chairman Jan Hamacek said.

Somebody’s always gotta spoil the party.

They can still bring their own hooch, or go to a nearby pub. But I dunno, it’s just not the same as openly getting bombed at work on cheap-ass booze. Is it so wrong to have dreams?

Oh well. In other news, it’s already March 2014, and I’m still writing “Austro-Hungarian” on all my Czechs.