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Breitbart foes considered hosting counter Breitbart soirée

There was major talk this week of CPAC goers who are not quite friends of Breitbart News hosting a counter party. The intention was to express their deep discontent with what Breitbart News has become since Andrew Breitbart passed away in 2012. The partygoers were planning to kick in funds for the party, but they struggled to find a place a host it and it did not wind up coming together.

Still, it’s clear that the enemy sentiment is out there.

The right-wing outlet hosts its official CPAC party tonight at The Embassy, a masculine townhouse on Capitol Hill that serves as Breitbart News HQ in Washington. They’re calling it the “Breitbart Speakeasy.” At the bottom of the black invitation is a menacing warning: “Invitation Only (Security at the door).”

One such party conspirator remarked on condition of anonymity: “There are a lot of people unhappy that Breitbart has become everything that Andrew hated about the conservative movement, so there was a late push to put on a counter-Breitbart party with Andrew’s friends. It would’ve celebrated him as well as send a message. But it was too late to really get it all together, so it didn’t happen. Hopefully there won’t be a need to consider it next year, but the way they are going there will be. And people will be ready.”

Sounds like Andrew Breitbart, in a spiritual sense, is coming back from the dead. Somehow we think this growing crew of foes is not going to stay mum for long.