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CPAC Superlatives

Today we’re doling out awards for some of the stranger things we saw at CPAC this week. Congratulations to the winners!

Ugliest dress at CPAC.

Hands down. This woman wins. Trying out for a role as a superhero or CPAC attendee? You decide.



Best use of multiple accessories. 

With a flower in her hair, feather earrings hanging from her ears, a lapel pin, black satchel and countless strands of pearls, Helen Mary Warren puts it all together. She’s a political activist from Jamaica Plain, MA. “This is our conservative transfusion,” she said, walking away arm in arm with a female friend.




Most likely to scare children and the elderly. 

Joshua Longshore of NYC Stilts is okay when he’s standing tall. But when he managed to lean down into a strange, stilted curtsy, it was downright frightening. “Why of course, madame,” he said when I asked if he could come down for a chat, not really thinking it through how he’d do such a thing. Some basics on Josh: He’s a Ronald Reagan impersonator,  27, lives in Brooklyn and has been contracted by Circ du Soleil for the past decade. His ADD energy was apparently way too much for his parents to handle. So by age 4 he was in gymnastics. By 7 he was on stilts. “My parents threw me in the circus when I was younger,” he explained.



Best Hair. 

Ali Akbar, who runs the big Blog Bash party at CPAC, thankfully posed sideways so you could get a good look at his amazing locks.



Best WTF moment of the week. 

Still no idea who is under the monster costume. But seriously, nice teeth.



Most annoying reporter at CPAC.

Just think of this guy as the honey badger of reporters at CPAC and not in a good way. As in, Mr. Loudmouth from HuffPost Live, who busts in with his over enthusiasm right in the middle of your interview with the bros in the American flag shorts. CPAC honey badger doesn’t give a shit, completely unaware of what’s happening around him. He’s got the microphone right?