Martha Stewart is a badass and don’t you ever forget it [SLIDESHOW]

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Taylor Bigler
Entertainment Editor

Martha Stewart is possibly the biggest badass in America — and don’t you ever forget it.

Not only does Martha run a multi-million dollar conglomerate, she is also former model and hardened criminal, she refuses to sleep on sheets that haven’t been washed that day and does not associate with your plebeian “snacks.”

Basically, she is better than all of us. And she knows it.

Martha Stewart may be a grandmother and she will bake you the best cookies you’ve ever had in your life — but don’t expect her to give you a hug afterwards.

Here are the 10 best things she said — including offering sex tips and her thoughts on truffle oil — during her Reddit Ask Me Anything thread.

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  • Martha Stewart has good sex tips.
  • Martha Stewart laughs in the face of "snacks."
  • Martha Stewart is more learned than you are.
  • Martha Stewart is better than truffle oil.
  • Martha Stewart will not sleep on unclean sheets.
  • Martha Stewart gets WILD.
  • Martha Stewart will ruin $1,200 shoes and she does not give a damn what you think about it.
  • Martha Stewart knows how to laugh at herself.
  • Don't you EVER forget that Martha Stewart was a model.
  • Martha Stewart hangs with other cool celebs.

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