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Saamer Akhshabi has died

If you don’t know who Saamer Akhshabi was, that’s because you’re not supposed to. This is yet another “local crime story.”

Alexis Stevens, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The Georgia Tech graduate student burned over 90 percent of his body last month died Thursday, the Institute said.

Saamer Akhshabi was burned in a Feb. 4 explosion inside his apartment, where investigators found a suspected Molotov cocktail and several plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene. Akhshabi, 26, was transported in critical condition to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died early Thursday, Georgia Tech shared with the campus.

Whoa. Why was this guy making Molotov cocktails?

“We have worked closely with other law enforcement agencies during the investigation of this tragic incident,” Robert Connolly, interim police chief for Georgia Tech, said in an emailed statement. “The FBI has relayed that, to date, they have not developed any information or evidence indicating criminal intent in this investigation.”

Investigators determined that Akhshabi was not a threat to the Georgia Tech community, Connolly said. But no information was released regarding why Akhshabi had the explosive materials.

Well, what more information do you need? The Iranian grad student was relaxing at home, making firebombs just for the fun of it, and somehow he managed to burn himself so badly that he died a month later. What else is new? These things happen.

Akhshabi was born in Iran, so it’s racist to ask any further questions. He was also one of the good guys, because he really liked Obamacare:


For all the good it did him.

There’s no way to link him to the Tea Party, so this is a non-story. Move along.

I said move along.