Lena Dunham pushes Planned Parenthood in Saturday Night Live skit [VIDEO]

Caroline May | Reporter

Planned Parenthood got some decent product placement Saturday night.

During a Saturday Night Live skit, guest host Lena Dunham plugged the highly politicized abortion provider as a low-cost place women can get health care.

In the skit a confused Venezuelan named Marisol, portrayed by Cecily Strong, tells a group of her friends about her boyfriend (portrayed by Mike O’Brien) Bruce’s work, noting how excited he was when he shut down two Planned Parenthoods.

Strong: He shut down two Planned Parenthoods.

Dunham: Bruce, you shut down two Planned Parenthoods?

O’Brien: My group did, yes.

Strong: Don’t be shy…. That’s what he told me… he was jumping on the bed with his little arms and yelling, “I shut down a bad place, I shut down a bad place.”

Dunham: Marisol, do you know what Planned Parenthood is?

Strong: Yes. What is it?

Dunham: It’s a place where women can go for low co — It is — I am so upset right now. It’s a place where women can go for low-cost medical advice and care.

Strong: What! To help women? That is a good place!

In the end Marisol dumps Bruce.

And while Planned Parenthood does offer some health services, the organization is one of the nation’s largest abortion providers — performing 327,166 abortions in 2012, according to the federally funded organization’s most recent annual report. (RELATED: Planned Parenthood: Women need abortions for Valentine’s Day)

Dunham herself has been a supporter of the organization. Last year Dunham was presented with Planned Parenthood’s excellence in media award for her work on “Girls.”

“We here at Girls are so touched and honored by this award and so grateful to Planned Parenthood for everything they do for women and young people in this country,” Dunham said at the time. “I truly believe they are doing the most vital and important work happening in our country right now.”

Update: Monday, Planned Parenthood tweeted out the skit with a not about how much they still love Dunham.


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