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Paul Ryan: Obama administration ‘uncomfortable with America’s superpower responsibilities’ [VIDEO]

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan blamed the lack of bipartisan foreign policy agreement on an Obama administration that is “uncomfortable with America’s superpower responsibilities and status.”

Ryan spoke to CBS’ Charlie Rose on Sunday about foreign policy splits within the Republican Party, when the host asked the congressman why there weren’t more bipartisan foreign policy initiatives on Capitol Hill.

“Well, we used to have it,” Ryan sighed. “When we had Scoop Jackson Democrats, when we had Harry Truman Democrats, when we had Kennedy Democrats — uh, President Kennedy Democrats — we had bipartisan foreign policy.”

“This is not that kind of administration,” the congressman declared. “This is a far more progressive-left administration that I think is uncomfortable with America’s superpower responsibilities and status — hegemony. And so I don’t think that’s what you have with this administration.”

“I think it’s a coincidence, but the irony is very bitter — the week that Vladimir Putin invades [Ukraine], the president brings a budget to Congress cutting our military deeply,” he concluded. “So I don’t think you have that kind of administration that lends itself to good bipartisan foreign policy.”

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