10 famous Vladimirs not named Putin [SLIDESHOW]

The immediate reaction to the name Vladimir is “Putin”? It may not even be a question with this week’s headlines. But here are the ones you maybe haven’t heard of lately.

We are here to refresh your memory with the famous Vladimirs you forgot about.

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  • Vladimir the Great has a nice, positive ring to it. (Photo: Дар Ветер/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Don't mess with Ukranian American professional wrestler, Vladimir Kozlov. He definitely has the upper hand in the fight. (Photo: Shamsuddin Muhammad/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Vladimir Nabokov, well known Russian author of "Lolita," was a seven-time finalist for the National Book Award for fiction. He looks scholarly enough for the part here. (Photo: public domain/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Flight director Vladimir Solovyov on the right with Dmitry Medvedev was once head of the Russian segment of the International Space Station. Come on, it's space.  (Photo: Presidential Press and Information Office/www.kremlin.ru/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Vladimir Guerrero, a nine-time MLB All-Star who hit 449 home runs throughout his career, faces off the Boston Red Sox. Reppin’ the Orioles. (Photo: Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
  • Vladimir Zworykin shows off his cathode ray television. He's only considered one of the "fathers of television." He rejected that, of course. (Photo: pds209/Flickr)
  • Vladimir Stimac is a Serbian professional basketball player. Putin doesn't play basketball, but Obama does. Foreshadowing. (Photo: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)
  • World famous Russian pianist Vladimir Horowitz fun fact: He was paid in goods while touring in Russia.  (Photo: STAFF/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Vladimir Marin, Columbian Deportivo Cali's defender, makes an aggressive move here. Not as bad as an almost war. (Photo: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Vladimir Lenin: really though, he's got his own -ism. (Photo: Soyuzfoto/Wikimedia Commons)