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Famous bossy women want to ban the word “bossy”

The following PSA is sort of the flip side of my previous post. It’s considered acceptable to use any word you want to describe Sarah Palin — even print up t-shirts calling her a word that’ll get you a slap in the face if your mother loves you — because she’s an enemy of the left. No outpouring of rage is off-limits. Etiquette, logic, and all other higher brain functions completely shut down.

Does that mean we should try to ban those ugly words? Nope. Those idiots have every right to be idiots, as loudly and angrily as they please.

And speaking of idiocy:

I’m a little disappointed that Condoleezza Rice participated in this. More than most of us, she should know that the best response to free speech you don’t like is more free speech. Not trying to ban adjectives.

But you know how pushy those broads can get! Sorry, I mean dames. Chicks? Oh, come on, don’t be like that…

(Hat tip: Hollywood Reporter)

P.S. And remember: Liberals want conservatives to shut up. Conservatives want liberals to keep talking.

P.P.S. Days like today are why Twitter was invented.


























P.P.P.S. Hmmm.

It might seem crazy, what I’m ’bout to say
You’ve got to work or you get no pay
So heed my words if you wanna stay
If you don’t like it, you can go your way

‘Cause I’m bossyyyyyyyyy…