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Senator Bernie Sanders and Marc Lamont Hill lament media’s ‘coronation’ of Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and liberal commentator Marc Lamont Hill both bemoaned the American media’s “coronation” of Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic nominee, arguing that she does not represent progressive values.

Sanders and Hill appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire” along with host S.E. Cupp and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. The Vermont senator — who identifies as a socialist but caucuses with the Democrats — was asked by Cupp about comments he made critical of Clinton’s front-runner status for the 2016 presidential nomination. “Is she really the face of the values that you’re talking about?” she asked.

Sanders claimed he was “not here to attack Hillary,” but noted that “what we need is a candidate who’s going to stand up for the working class, take on the big money interests, tell Wall Street that they cannot continue to dominate the politics of this country.” Clinton has close ties to Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs and served for years on the board of Wal-Mart.

Hill’s criticism was more direct. “Here’s my worry though, senator,” he said. “I worry that the voters have already decided. Seems like Hillary Clinton is sucking up the air in this presidential election.”

The academic then played a new commercial from the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, revving up her supporters with a Katy Perry song. “The song is driving me nuts, but the Hillary movement is also driving me nuts,” Hill declared. “We’ve coronated her, it seems, and there’s no room for a progressive candidate. Or is there?”

“Well, I don’t — look,” Sanders responded. “The voters have not talked. I mean, I think the media has determined Hillary is supposed to be the candidate. I guess they decided Chris Christie was the candidate, he had a problem along the way.”

“Let’s talk to the voters, what do the voters want?” Sanders continued. “And lets discuss the issues. I think the American people now are tired of establishment politics, which is dominated by big money interests. They want the working class to begin to get a break, rather than just large corporations.”

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